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10 Netflix Series Similar to the Dark Series

Get to know about the 10 Netflix Series Similar to the Dark Series of Netflix. Have you just finished the Netflix Original Dark series? And liked it so much that Now you want to find out what are some other Series or shows available on Netflix that are similar to the Dark? 

Then this is the most suitable place, and the answer to what you are finding will be given here. Here in this article, I had listed 10 Netflix series which are a lot similar to the Dark. 

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8 series out of the 10 are quite similar to the Dark, the other 2 are not that much similar but still show a few similarities which have given them a place in the list of 10 Netflix series like Dark. 

As we all know that Dark is full of mysteries and filled with a lot of darkness. Some series listed here, show that many similarities to the Dark, that you will think that all of them are written by the writer of the Dark series. 

Other Netflix Series Like Dark

Below are the series which I think shows a lot of similarities to the Dark series of Netflix. With each series, I had explained an overall story which includes not spoilers, and the IMDb ratings, number of seasons and episodes, etc. things are also mentioned with each series. And the series below are not ranked according to IMDb ratings or any pattern, they are randomly ranked by our team, so don’t think that the first one is the most similar series to dark or is most popular. 

Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove series like dark netflix
Hemlock Grove
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
3337.7/ 1038%

This Netflix series has a lot of similarities with the Dark series, and a person who liked Dark might like this one as well. The story of Hemlock Grove is of an old town filled with poverty, but the wealthy of that town are extremely wealthy. Every resident of that town is keeping some secrets, some killer creatures are supposed to living their and which is showing that everything is different from what it seems or shown. 

The story of this series is just like the Dark, I don’t think you will not like this series. Everyone who loves the Dark series will definitely like this Netflix original series also. 

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Sense 8

Sense8 Netflix Series like Dark
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
2248.3/ 1086%

Sense8 is quite a similar series to the Dark, and it is also a Netflix Original Series available exclusively on Netflix. In Sense8, eight strangers living in different parts of the world found themselves somehow related to each other. They can read each other’s thoughts and can feel each other’s actions. Then they started finding answers behind this connection between them, and suddenly they found out a mysterious organization that wants to destroy them all.

This Netflix series a science fiction series just like Dark, and if you like the series full of mysteries then you will definitely love this one also.

Stranger Things

Stranger things is similar to the Dark
Stranger things
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
3258.8/ 1093%

Stranger things are the most similar show to the Dark Netflix series. Like Dark, Stranger things is also a Netflix Original Series, and it is one of the most popular Netflix series with huge fan-following. In Stranger things, just like Dark, some unusual activities started happening, and a young boy got missing. And he is teleported to another world, and his friends discover a lot of things about the secret research center in their town, which might have a relation with the missing of the boy. 

Although like dark there is not time travel, still it is quite similar to that series, as a boy got missing and his friends try to find him and they discover some mysterious things happening in their town. And Stranger things is so much popular that it is dubbed in 9 different languages, and is one of those a few Netflix series which are available Hindi dubbed version also.

The OA

The OA Netflix Series
The OA
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
2167.9/ 1084%

The OA is also a Netflix Original series who’s story is quite similar to the story of Dark. This series shows the story of a young woman who had come back after 7 years of being disappeared. She was Blind before the disappearance and now she can see everything. The FBI is asking where she had been for that much long time and she is not telling anything about where she was and how she came back. 

This series is full of mysteries just like the Dark, and you will be really engaged in this series. If someone asks me about which is the most similar series to the dark? Then this is my most favorite answer. 

Black Mirror

Netflix Series Black Mirror is like Dark
Black Mirror
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
5228.8/ 1083%

Black Mirror is a series having similar dark tone like Dark series, but it is an anthology series and is quite similar to the best anthology series on Netflix like The Twilight Zone. Black Mirror is also exclusively available on Netflix. This series shows the relationship between humans and technology, but the technology and time zone of this series is futuristic. The story tries to show how humans’ minds can be manipulated with the use of new technology. 

The filter of the episodes is also similar to the dark and background music is also quite similar to the Dark series. You might like this series as much you liked the Dark series. And it is one of the best mystery series on Netflix.


Ozark Netflix Series
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
3308.4/ 1081%

In case you have watched the Ozark, then you can check out other Netflix series like Ozark. Ozark is a Netflix drama series and is a part of Netflix originals, which means you can only watch it on Netflix. Like Dark, Ozark also has a dull filter and also is a bluish little bit. The story is about a financial planner named Marty Byrde, who had taken credit from a Mexican Drug dealer, and due to some reasons is not able to pay his debt back. That dealer is now haunting him to kill his family which includes his wife, and two kids. Marty, to save then got separated and when Marty’s financial situation started becoming better, then family started reconnecting. 

The story of this series is deep, and the vibe is the same as in Dark. You may don’t like the overall summary of this series, but this is a great series, you should give this series a try. And if you love Drama Netflix series, then Ozark is one of the best Drama Netflix series, there are chances that you will also like this series as well.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why Netflix
13 Reasons Why
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
3397.8/ 1039%

13 Reasons Why is also a series like Dark, but this is not as much science-fictional, it is a Drama-Crime series. This series is based on a girl, Hannah, who committed suicide and two weeks after her death, her classmate, Clay found a box in their class. Clay was having a crush on Hannah, in that box, he found recordings Hannah recorded before her suicide. In these recordings, she explained 13 reasons why she committed suicide.

When Clay starts listening to the recordings then he started living and thinking like he is Hannah. It is really a great series filled with darkness, just like Dark. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
2287.6/ 1084%

You might have thought that this is a comedy series if you have seen “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” because Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is kind if a remake of that old series. But it is not true, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is completely different from its previous series. This series contains a dark story, about a Witch, who knows the magic. And some evil forces are now threatening her family which includes two aunts, and she has to save them while fighting with these evils. 

You will definitely find out what you are looking for in this series. This Netflix Original series is a complete mixture of horrors and fictional things along with a lot of darkness just like the Dark series of Netflix. 

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones dark like series on Netflix
Jessica Jones
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
3398/ 1083%

Jessica Jones is a superhero kind of series which still has a lot of similarities to the Dark series. Jessica Jones, who is a retired superhero now is living like normal people in New York City. She has her own private detective agency which especially deals with the cases which include the interference of people with supernatural abilities. 

This is a bit different from Dark in the way that it is a superhero series, but the overall story is quite similar to that of the Dark. 


Mindhunter netflix similar to the Dark series
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
2198.6/ 1097%

Mindhunter is a Netflix original series that revolves around a story of two FBI agents. In the series, Holden Ford and Bill Tench, are two FBI agents who investigate the mind of serial killers. They analyze the next moves of a serial killer by studying his damaged psyches, and a lot of time they stop some huge crimes. 

This series is not that similar to the Dark, but the story and the tone of this series are quite similar to it. You can watch the first episode this and may continue only if you liked the first episode. And Mindhunter is one of the Best Detective shows available on Netflix.

Above were the top 10 most similar series to the Dark series of Netlfix, and the information provided with then such as IMDb rating and a number of episodes, etc. is correct at the time we uploaded this article. 

But these may change when you are reading this article, although we try to update our articles whenever new episodes or season of a series listed in the releases, we may get late while updating such information. So, don’t think that we are providing the wrong information. 

And if you want to read more articles like this one then keep using our site because we keep uploading more articles about Netflix recommendations here. 

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