Best Mystery Series on Netflix

Best Mystery Series on Netflix to Watch Right Now

You will get to know about what are the Best Mystery Series on Netflix to Watch. Netflix is the main hub of the majority of the best web series and tv series. There are all types of series available on Netflix, but finding some particular category series is difficult on Netflix. 

And if you want to find out the best Netflix mystery series them this is the right article for you. You don’t need to find out any of the mystery series, we had found 13 best mystery series on Netflix for you. 

These series are one of the best Netflix series and are particularly mystery series. You can find Action, Adventure, or Comedy series in Netflix using the inbuilt filter in Netflix, but you can’t find Mystery series. 

We also had mentioned the number of seasons, episodes, IMDb Rating, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. things along with each series, so that you can choose the best option for you. And a short description of the overall story of series or what the series is all about is also mentioned with each series. 

Now let’s have a look at the 13 best Mystery series on Netflix as mentioned below. 

Best Mystery Netflix Series 

Below are the top 13 mystery series available on Netflix, and they are not ranked according to the IMDb rating or any other metrics, they are just randomly picked and randomly ranked. Also, not all the series included here are Netflix originals, some of them are created by other networks bu are available on Netflix.

The Stranger

The Stranger mystery netflix series
The Stranger
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
187.3/ 1083%

The Stranger is a British Netflix Original Series which is full of mysteries and thrillers. The story of this series is based on a novel named “The Stranger” written by Harlen Coben in 2015. And the series got released in Jan 2020.

The story of this series is about a person Adam Price, who met someone and his perfect life got messed up. A stranger met him and told him something about the closest persons of Adam, and after knowing these things a lot of things started happening in his perfect life. Now he went on a journey or quest to know the secrets or hidden truth about the people who are closest to him.

This is a great mystery series available on Netflix. If you want something mysterious, or a series whose each episode is filled with mystery then this is the right option for you.


Best mystery series on Netflix Sherlock
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
4139.1/ 1078%

As from the name you can guess it is a detective kind of series, and yes it is. The story is about one of the most popular fictional detectives, “Sherlock Holmes”, and this series is a tv series produced by BBC One.

In Sherlock, a doctor named John Watson met a man named Holmes who is a consultant. Holmes wants a flatmate and Dr. John Watson lends him his room. They started living together and then John Watson get to know that Holmes has hands in some crimes, but that’s not true he, indeed was a detective trying to solve murder mysteries. Then both John Watson and Holmes started solving some uncommon murder mysteries together.

If you like mystery series or shows, and particularly detective shows, then Sherlock is one of the best detective shows available on Netflix.

The Witcher

The Witcher netflix mystery series
The Witcher
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
188.3/ 1067%

The Witcher is a Netflix original series which got released in 2019 and got a lot of hype due to the lead role of Geralt (a character in the series) is played by Henry Cavill.

The story is quite a fantasy type, in which there is a person called “Witcher”. He is called so because he kills dragons or abnormal species for money. But he has a destiny in which he doesn’t believe but at the end of the first season, he met his destiny. 

This series is full of action and is the fictional time-zone of the series is ancient when there were kings and queens. Also, if you want to watch a fantasy series full of mysteries, then this is one of the best mystery-fantasy series available on Netflix.


Dark Netflix series
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
2188.7/ 1094%

Dark is a Germany Netflix original series that also have an English-Dubbed version. It is a mysterious series filled with a lot of surprises and shocks. The release date of Dark Season 3 is predicted to be 27 June 2020.

The story revolves around a small town in Germany named Winder, where unusual activities started beginning. A child mysteriously got missing and birds started falling from the sky, and all these mishappenings had happened 33 years ago in the same town. People are trying to make a connection between both times. And then some of them and at first a young boy, Jonas, get to know that all these things are connected and time-travel is possible. All these things are connected due to time-travel. He also travels through time and finds some shocking truths about him and other people of the town.

I can’t tell you the spoilers that’s why told a summary, but if you have not watched this series then you should. It is my personal favorite Netflix series which I don’t think so is comparable to any other series. This series will also blow-up your mind, and if you had watched this series then check out:- Netflix Series Similar to the Dark.

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why mystery netflix series
13 reasons why
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
3397.8/ 1039%

13 Reasons Why is a Drama-mystery Netflix series, and particularly a murder-mystery series. This series is based in a Novel named Thirteen Reasons Why written by Jay Asher. 

The story of this series revolves around Hannah Baker, who takes her own life or you can say she did suicide. After that, a classmate of her, Clay Jensen, found a box with some audio tapes on Hannah’s desk. Clay was having a crush on Hannah, and he started listening to the tapes. The tapes were recorded by Hannah, and in these tapes, she told 13 reasons for her suicide, or you can say, she told 13 reasons because of which she did suicide. 

This is also a bit romantic series in which you will get to see what one can do for his love, and the mystery of the whole story will prevent you from feeling bored. Also, it is one of the best drama series on Netflix.


Broadchurch netflix
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
3248.4/ 1092%

Broadchurch is a British Drama-Mystery series that got started in 2013. There are three seasons of this series, and the third season is the final season, which means there will be no fourth season. 

The story of this series revolves around a fictional town named Broadchurch which is a small coastal town, where a young boy is murdered. And his death got a lot of media attention, because of that a team of investigators has been sent to the town for investigation. The town residents are not happy with their arrival, because the investigators are unveiling some hidden secrets of the town and town people. 

If you had watched the Dark series then for you this Netflix series is similar to the Dark series. And the investigators are similar to the detectives and this series is also one of the best detectives like Netflix series. 

The Sinner

The Sinner best netflix thriller-mystery
The Sinner
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
2248/ 1095%

The Sinner is one of the best anthology-mystery series available on Netflix. Anthology series means which include not one story but different stories and different characters in every episode or season.

The overall stories are about crime or murder mysteries, and the first season’s story is about a detective named Henry Ambrose. Who had solved a lot of murder mysteries and now he is finding out the reasons why normal people do serial murders like serial killers. And what are the reasons behind the normal people turning into murderers? 

If you love murder-mysteries then this is one of the best murder mystery series available on Netflix. And is also one of the best anthology Netflix series like the twilight zone.


Best netflix mystery series Mindhunter
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
2198.6/ 1097%

Mindhunter is an American Crime related series that has a lot of crime mysteries. The story of this series is based on a book named Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, which we were written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. 

The whole story of the Mindhunter depicts two FBI agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench. These FBI agents, in the series, developed the latest investigation method in which the pattern of serial killers’ murders are identified and the future crimes are prevented. 

If you like series with police or FBI stories then you might like this series as well. It is filled with crime-mysteries and for a mystery series or show lover, this series is one of the best options. 

Stranger Things

Stranger Things netflix series
Stranger Things
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
3258.8/ 1093%

The Stranger Things is a teenage sci-fi series filled with a lot of mysteries and is a bit horror also. And it is Netflix’s one of the most popular and best series. Also, it is a Netflix Original series and got started in 2016, and the seasons 4 is supposed to release near the end of 2020. 

The story of this series is about a 1980’s small fictional town, Hawkins. There a young boy named Will, got missing mysteriously, and after his missing some unusual or you can say supernatural activities started happening in the town. The friends of Will (Lost Boy) started searching for their friend and they found a girl who has psychic powers. 

I can’t tell you more stories or plot about this series, then your enjoyment will be spoiled. Overall, the story is great and you should watch this series because it is one of the most-watched Netflix series. 

The Haunting of the Hill House

The Haunting of Hll House netflix series
The Haunting of Hll House
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1108.7/ 1093%

Haunting of the Hill House is a Horror-Mystery Netflix original series which got released in 2018. And season 2 of this series is also filmed and can be released anywhere around this year. The story of the first season is based on a novel of the same name written by Shirley Jackson. 

The story of this series is about a horror mysterious house where a family of five siblings experiences some paranormal activities which haunt them. And the series has two timelines and in another timeline, it is shown what activities happened at that house leading to the paranormal activities. 

This is also an anthology series and is one of the best Mystery-Horror series available on Netflix. If you want to watch something scary and full of mysteries then this is the best option for you. 

Black Mirror

Black Mirror mystery netflix series
Black Mirror
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
5228.8/ 1083%

Black Mirror is an anthology series means in each episode or season there is a new story and new cast. If you have seen “the twilight zone” which is one of the most popular anthology series, then this is similar to that series.

In the Black Mirror, you will find stories related to technology and its impact on human minds. It is a drama type series filled with mysteries, and each story in this series is about the manipulation of humans due to technology or with the help of technology.

If you want to see a futuristic series then this is that series, where the futuristic technology is showed to be used. And also there are new stories about each episode that will not make you bore at all.


Riverdale Netflix series
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
4767/ 1086%

Riverdale is a teen drama Netflix series based on the characters of a comic named Archie Comics. This series is supposed to release a seasons 5 in 2021 and particularly Jan 2021. 

The series’ story revolves around a group of teenagers, Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica living in a small town named Riverdale. The town seems peaceful and perfect from outside but there are a lot of thirsty-criminals living in the town. And they have to solve the mystery about some evil happenings of the town. 

If you like teenage drama series and also want some mysteries hidden in the story then this is the best mixture of both. 


Dexter mystery series on Netflix
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
8968.6/ 1072%

Dexter is one of the most longer mystery series, as it has over 96 episodes, and is also a psychological thriller series. The first episode of this series got started in 2006 and the final episode was released in 2013. 

The story of this series revolves around a person named Dexter Morgan, who is a Forensic Technician and works for the police department. He has a parallel personality or a slip personality disorder because of which he woke up at night, and he becomes a serial killer during the night. He does not kill innocent people but kills the murderers who somehow are not caught by police or Law. 

This is thriller crime-mystery series which you might enjoy. And has a lot of episodes so you will not need to find any other series for a long time after you started watching this series. 

So, above were 13 best mystery Netflix series which you might enjoy, and all the above-listed series are available on Netflix. 

This is the end of this article, and if you have any suggestions or queries in your mind regarding this article then you can use the comment box available below. 

And if you want to know more Netflix recommendations then keep using our site because we keep uploading more articles like this one regularly. 

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