Best Netflix Series to watch with your Daughter

Netflix Series you should Watch with your Daughter

You will see what are the Netflix Series you should Watch with your Daughter? Netflix is the main hub of tv series and tv shows. There is about every kind of series available on Netflix, but still when we talk about family Netflix series, then they are really hard to find.

And if you are a parent and want to start watching a series on Netflix with your Daughter then it is not easy to find the most suitable series to watch together. 

If you are a mother or father and want to watch Netflix series without your Daughter, then you are in the right place. We have found some really Nice Netflix series which are really great and you can watch them with your daughter without any worries. 

We had picked 10 best series and particularly targeted what Netflix series a girl might like. Along with that, we had kept in mind that these series should be family-friendly. 

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You will get to know about what is the best series to watch with your daughter, along with that we have added the number of seasons and episodes, each series listed here have. And the IMDb rating of each of them is mentioned, so you can get an idea of how popular a series is. A short description of the story of each of them is also included. 

Below is the list of series we had described and shown pictures of. You can use the following table to quickly navigate in this article also. 

Happy ValleyDrama2
Gilmore GirlsComedy, Drama7
Free ReinDrama2
A series of unfortunate eventsDrama3
Once Upon A TimeFantasy7
Fuller HouseSitcom5
Locke & KeyFantasy1
Raising DionSci-fi, Family1
Stranger ThingsSci-fi3
Troll HuntersAction, Anime3

Don’t just go away by just knowing the name of series, we had written short description to give you an idea about every series, and also included the age limit if any of the following series have. 

Netflix Series to Watch with your Daughter

We had picked around 10 best Netflix series which parents should watch with their daughters. And these series are Family Friendly also, so you will not be embarrassed because of any scene in the series in front of your child. The majority of the series listed here have the main lead of women characters. 

Happy Valley

Happy Valley Netflix series to watch with daughter
Happy Valley

Genre:- Drama

Seasons:- 2

Episodes:- 12

IMDb:- 8.4/ 10

Happy Valley is one of the best Crime Drama tv series, it is available on Netflix also. These series include the story about a brave female Police Sergeant who is investigating drug dealers in a small town, Calder Valley. And during her investigation she faces a lot of personal problems, she is divorced, her daughter had committed suicide. And now she is living with her sister and taking care of her sister’s son because her sister is an alcoholic. 

This is a nice Netflix series, which will make parents’ and daughters’ relationships stronger. Your daughter will also like this series, as it is well-written and is quite popular among teenagers. 

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls watch with your daughter
Gilmore Girls

Genre:- Comedy, Drama

Seasons:- 7 

Episodes:- 153

IMDb:- 8.1/ 10

Gilmore Girls is the best series to be watched by a mother and daughter together. The story of Gilmore Girls is about the close bonding between a mother and a daughter. The mother who is about 33 years old is named Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory, is a teenager. Lorelai is an independent woman who started working as a maid at an inn and became the executive manager due to her hard work. On one hand, she and her daughter have a relationship like best friends they never felt like they are mother-daughter. On the other hand, Lorelai has not that much good relationship with her parents, she usually has conflicts with them. 

This series shows a common story of families of normal people, where some have a close bonding with their parents and some have conflicts due to the generation gap. You must watch this movie with your daughter, and in this way, your daughter will start understanding you and you will start understanding her. 

Free Rein

Free Rein Family Series on Netflix
Free Rein

Genre:- Drama

Seasons:- 2

Episodes:- 32

IMDb:- 7.3/ 10

Free Rein is a series that every girl and not only that every teenager should watch. It is a drama series that revolves around the story of a girl, Zoe, who is 15-years old from Los Angeles. She went to her mothers’ childhood home which is on an island off the coast. She met a Wild Horse there and then they became friends, and Zoe learns so many things from that mysterious Horse. That horse is an unusual horse, and Zoe’s life’s problems are now running away. 

Free Rein is a good series to watch with your family, and particularly with your daughter. As we included the only series which are family-friendly, this is also a family-friendly series.

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A series of unfortunate events

A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix
A Series of Unfortunate Events

Genre:- Drama

Seasons:- 3 

Episodes:- 25

IMDb:- 7.8/ 10

A series of Unfortunate events is a Netflix Original series, which means it is only available on Netflix to stream. This series includes the story of three Orphans Violet Baudelaire, Klaus Baudelaire, and Sunny Baudelaire. They are siblings and are investigating the reason behind their parents’ mysterious death. While doing so, their guardian, Count Olaf, is acting as an obstacle. He is an Evil and is just taking care of three orphans to get their parents’ inheritance. 

This is a really great Netflix series that includes no adult scenes at all and can be streamed with the whole family. 

Once Upon A Time

Best Netflix Series for girls Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time

Genre:- Fantasy, Fairy tale

Seasons:- 7

Episodes:- 155

IMDb:- 7.7/ 10

Does your daughter love watch Fantasy series? If yes, then this is the best fantasy series available on Netflix. The story of Once Upon a Time is about a small town Storybrooke, Maine where all residents are being replaced by an Evil queen with characters from the fantasy stories. They are actually living like the evil character of movies like Snowhite, Cinderella, etc. And their curse can only be broken by the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. The daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming is Emma Swan, who was teleport when she was a toddler to this world. 

The story of this series is so deep and related to the other popular fantasy series of Disney. This is another series which can be watched with your daughter and also you might like this series. 

Fuller House

Fuller House available on Netflix
Fuller House

Genre:- Sitcom, Comedy

Seasons:- 5

Episodes:- 66

IMDb:- 6.8/ 10

Have you heard about a classic series “Full House” which telecasted between 1987-1995? If you had then this is the sequel of that series. And the cast is the same, which was in the Full House series. Fuller House is an American sitcom, which revolves around the lives of three women. D.J. Tanner, A mother of three sons, who are also widows finds a home where she lived her childhood, and now sharing that home with her sister, Stephanie, and her best childhood friend, Kimmy Gibbler. Kimmy Gibler, like D.J. Tanner, is a single mother. They share their lives with each other, from the new problems to the romances and other stuff. 

This is a great movie for a girl and is filled with laughs. There are some jokes in this series which a kid may not listen to, but overall it is family-friendly series which you can watch with your daughter and I suggest you should definitely watch this with her. 

Locke & Key

Locke and Key family Netflix series
Locke and Key

Genre:- Fantasy

Seasons:- 1

Episodes:- 10

IMDb:- 7.4/ 10

Locke & Key is one of the latest Netflix original series, it was released in Feb 2020. The whole series is family-friendly, no adult scenes are shown at all, and not use of adult language has been seen in this series. The story is really fantastic, it is about three siblings, who have moved to a new house. They did so after the murder of their father, and what they found at that house is some kind of keys. Every key has a different advantage, and when used it will give you a special power. Such as one of these keys gives the power to fly, like this every key has its own magical power. 

When we talk about the latest fantasy series then this is one of the tops of them. This series can be watched with your family, and if your daughter lives a fantasy series then this is one of the best options you have. 

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Raising Dion

Raising Dion best family netflix series
Raising Dion

Genre:- Family, Sci-fi

Seasons:- 1

Episodes:- 9

IMDb:- 7.2/ 10

Raising Dion is a Superhero Netflix Original Series, which started streaming in 2019. This series follows the story of a single mother, Nicole, and her son Dion. Dion has superpowers and her mother knows about that, but she wants to hide them from the world, just to protect her son. She also wants to investigate the mystery behind her husband’s death and her son’s superpowers. 

If you want an action family series then this is the best one. It includes action and still will show you the bonding between a mother and her son. 

Stranger things

Stranger Things Netflix
Stranger Things

Genre:- Sci-fi

Seasons:- 3

Episodes:- 25

IMDb:- 8.8/ 10

NOTE:- This series contains occasional use of Abusive Language and contains some intimate kissing scenes. A 13+ teenager is recommended to watch this series. 

Stranger Things is also a Netflix original and is one of the most popular Netflix original series. It is exclusively available on Netflix. As you can read the note above, your daughter should be at least 13 years old to watch this series. The story of this series is about 4 kids living in a town and one day one of them got lost. And there is a hidden mystery behind this, and their friends try to solve the mysteries. 

This is a great series with a lot of science-fictional things. It’s season 3 is a bit horror according to some reviews, while the first two seasons include some monster scenes but are not scary. 

Troll Hunters

Troll Hunters Netflix animation series
Troll Hunters

Genre:- Action, Animation 

Seasons:- 3 

Episodes:- 52

IMDb:- 8.4/ 10

Troll Hunters is an animated Netflix Original series that is quite popular among 10-15-year-olds. If your daughter loves to watch animated series sometimes then this is one of the best Netflix Animated series, as you can see it have a great IMDB rating as well. The story of this series is about a fictional world where a teenage boy had found an amulet that is filled with mysteries. Then sooner he found that there is another world linked to the world of ourselves. Now he and his friends are on a journey to save our world from the monsters. 

This is a really awesome animated series with incredible graphics and is filled with a lot of action. If you don’t like animated series, then I think you should give this series a try. 

These were the 10 best series which you can and should watch with your daughter. The top 5 series from the 10 are particularly to watch with daughter and another five can also be enjoyed with the whole family.

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