Best Netflix Movies for Toddlers

Best Movies on Netflix for Toddlers or Young Kids

Best movies on Netflix for Toddlers or young children. Watching movies affect our mind and thinking and when we talk about children, especially who are young ones or toddlers, they are affected by the type of movies they watch. So, what is the duty of parents is that show their toddler nice movies which might affect his/ her mind in a positive way.

And if you want to find the best movies available on Netflix for toddlers then you are at the right place. Because in this article, I will tell some nice movies available on Netflix.

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After watching these movies your child’s imagination, creativity will grow, and also your child will learn some good habits. Above all the movies listed here can be watched by kids and parents together, there are not adult scenes in these movies and no abusive language is used at all.

And you can also check out the good Netflix series which kids can watch with parents, by clicking on the above given linked text.

All the movies listed here contain an image and a description of the movie so that you will know what kind of movie it is.

Best Netflix Movies for Toddlers

The majority of the movies listed here are animated movies, and none of them is a horror movie, so don’t worry about any stuff which your toddler may not like. Because all the movies listed here are particularly picked for toddlers.

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the best movies on Netflix for toddlers.

How to Train your Dragon

How to train your Dragon
How to train your Dragon

Genre:- Fantasy, Adventure, Animated.

IMDb Rating:- 8.1/ 10

How to train your dragon is my favorite animated movie as well, it was released in 2010 and I was a child at that time. Still, I love this movie.

In this movie, a group of Vikings is shown who kill dragons because they think dragons are the enemies of humans. But the child of the leader of the Viking group, Hiccup, who is skinny and also don’t want to kill dragons. One day he found a way to be a friend with a dragon and then every Viking started having a dragon.

Above was the overall story, in reality, the story is a bit complicated and the animations of this movie are incredible. And your child will learn how to be animal friendly after watching this movie. There is a Netflix series related to this movie also, which is also a good TV series on Netflix for 11-12-year-olds.


Hugo netflix movie for toddlers

Genre: Fantasy/ Adventure.

IMDb: 7.5/ 10

Hugo is really a great movie if you want to enhance and grow the imagination and creativity of your toddler. This movie is about a young orphan named Hugo.

Hugo loves to play with the station clock and wants to automate all the system of that giant clock, which his father, who is dead, was also trying to do. To do this he has to find a key, and the journey to find that key is shown in this movie.

This movie is full of adventure and fantasy, and it is not an animated movie, means you also might love this movie along with your child.


Best netflix movie for toddlers

Genre: Sports, Comedy, animation.

IMDb: 7.1/ 10

Car is a movie where cars can speak, they have eyes to see, and there is no human being in this world. Stil in the world of cars there are racing championships.

One racing car, Lightning Mcqueen, got stuck in a village and he learns that there is a lot of things out of the racing track. And winning is not always winning, that’s why instead of winning the final race, he saved the life of his competitor friend who became out of control on the racing track.

Overall this is a nice movie with a comedy touch, and there are 3 other parts of this movie. If you liked this first one then you will love cars 2 and cars 3 movies. Also, this movie is one of the best animated movies for toddlers available on Netflix.

Home alone

Home Alone movie for kids
Home Alone

Genre: Family, Comedy.

IMDb: 7.6/ 10

Home alone is a family movie that plays around an 8-year old child who is left behind at home while his whole family leaves for France at Christmas eve to celebrate Christmas there.

The 8-year boy, Kevin, who is left behind shows smartness when two thieves try to raid his house. He prepares a master plan when he gets to know that some thieves are planning to break into his house, and he does everything to show them that he is not alone at home.

Overall, this movie shows the attitude of a young 8-year boy who feels free to do anything after left behind at home. He played with the toys of his siblings and also watch whatever he wants on tv.


Ratatouille Netflix movie for toddlers

Genre: Comedy, Animation.

IMDb: 8/ 10

This movie is based on rats, and there is a rat named, Remy, who wants to become a chief. Yes, this seems funny, but at this time he and his friends just steal food from a restaurants’ kitchen.

One day Remy found a human friend, and he knew that Remy wants to be a chef. So what he does is he placed the rat inside his hat and the rat started instructing him about cooking and making dishes.

This is also another movie that every child should watch, and it is available on Netflix so anyone can stream it whenever needed.

The Good Dinosaur

The good dinosaur netflix movie
The good dinosaur

Genre: Adventure, Action, Animated.

IMDb: 6.7/ 10

The Good Dinosaur is a movie in which play around the timeline when dinosaurs were living on earth. A dinosaur got separated by his family who got lost and separated from his family.

That dinosaur then found a feral child, and they both become friends. That child helped the dinosaur to find his family, and accidentally the feral child found his parents while founding the family of the dinosaur.

This is a good movie, and I think it is an underrated movie and it deserves better IMDb ratings.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Mr. Bean's Holiday movie for kids
Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Genre: Comedy.

IMDb: 6.4/ 10

You might know Mr. Bean, you don’t? Then what are you doing, go and watch this movie? Mr. Bean’s Holiday is full of fun and a lot of comedy, and also it is not an animated movie.

If you want to laugh then this movie can make you laugh. Mr. Bean, the main character of this movie is a funny man who is going on a vacation to France, and unintentionally he became a nuisance for a lot of people. You can say that he is an unlucky man, and he doesn’t know what is happening to him.

The main point in this movie is that because of him a father and son are separated and he does everything he can to reunite them. This is a nice family movie which not only children but adults can also enjoy.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Netflix Movie The chronicals of Narnia
The chronicals of Narnia

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy.

IMDb: 6.9/ 10

The Chronicles of Narnia is a fantasy movie series based on a novel, and there are three total movies that contain the whole story. This is the first movie of that series and you need to watch this if you love adventures full of fantasy.

In this movie a girl named Lucy found a way to another world named Narnia which is full of magic and fantasy, he found that way to another world through a wardrobe of their house, and none of his siblings believe about it. Then they all got entered into that world an get to know that they were the heir of the Narnia.

They have to fight with the evil queen of that time to save the Narnia, and also all these incidents were like an old prophecy of that world that one day 4 siblings will come and save us.


Planes watch on netflix

Genre: Animation, Family.

IMDb: 5.7

“Planes” is an animated movie similar to the Cars which is listed in the above movies, it is also a nice movie with great inspiration.

In this movie, there is a plane named Dusty and he wants to become an air racer. There are races for planes and he wants to get selected for the championship. And the whole story is about how he practiced and then got selected for the race as well.

It is a nice movie to watch with the whole family and especially for kids, it is a great movie. There is a second part of this movie as well, and you should watch that as well after watching this first movie of the two.

Kungfu Panda

Kungfu Panda available on netflix
Kungfu Panda

Genre: Comedy, Animation, Action.

IMDb: 7.5/ 10

You might have heard about “Kungfu Panda”, it is a popular animation movie series among the kids and youngsters. It is full of comedy and action.

The story plays around a panda named Po, who loves Kungfu and he also got selected as the Dragon Warrior. He doesn’t know anything about kungfu and is a foodie person with a huge belly. His character is full of laughs and comedy.

There are three other parts of this movie series and this is the first one. Also, there is a tv show named Kung Fu Panda which is also one of the most popular animated tv shows.

So, these were the best movies for toddlers or young kids available on Netflix. I hope that you liked this article, and if you have any questions regarding the above listed movies then you can use the comment box below.

And if you liked this article then keep using our website, because we upload articles like this one daily.

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