Netflix Series like the twilight zone

Netflix Series Similar to The Twilight Zone

You will get to know about what are the Netflix Series which are inspired by the Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone is one of the most popular anthology series on Netflix. If you have finished the twilight zone and are wondering what you should watch next on Netflix which is similar to the Twilight Zone? Then this is the right article. 

In this article, I had found some Netflix series that are quite inspired by the Twilight Zone and are anthology series just like the Twilight Zone. 

I had found 7 series, and 6 of then are quite similar to the Twilight zone while one of them is not that similar but is still relatable to the Twilight zone. 

The series listed here contain descriptions about their background, and a short story of each series is also described. Along with that, the common information such as the number of seasons, number of episodes, and IMDb rating is also mentioned. 

Netflix Series Like The Twilight Zone

Below are the series which are quite similar to the twilight zone series available on Netflix. I assume that you had seen the remake of the twilight zone which was released in 2019, and that’s why included the original series in this list also which was released in 1959 and also. 

Inside No. 9

Inside No. 9 series like the twilight zone
Inside No. 9
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
4318.5/ 10100%

Inside No. 9 is a British Dark anthology series filled with a little comedy, the writers of the story of the Onside No.9 are Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. This show was first aired in 2014 and the production company of this series is BBC. 

Inside No. 9 is one of the most similar series to the twilight zone. Just like the twilight zone, these series have a new story in every episode. Every character in a new episode is different just like the Twilight Zone, but the common thing is Number 9. Every story or episode has a number 9 room, number 9 apartment, or number 9 building where horrible things happen. 

If you liked the twilight zone then there is no chance that you will dislike this series. I think you also will believe that the story is quite inspired by the twilight zone, a story of each episode varies. 

Black Mirror

Netflix Series Black Mirror inspired by the twilight zone
Black Mirror
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
5228.8/ 1083%

Black Mirror is a Netflix Original Science Fictional Anthology Series which is also quite similar to the Twilight Zone. This series’ first season was released in 2011, and it became quite popular after the release of the 3rd season. And this series is one of the best mystery series on Netflix.

The Black Mirror series covers a social topic in each episode and the story revolves around that topic. Particularly the topics are related to the newer technologies which we use, and how they are effective the life of people. In each series, a new character is picked up and showed how the life of that person is being manipulated by the use of newer technology. 

The writer or author of the Black mirror also says that he wrote the Black Mirror after being inspired by the classic Twilight Zone. And Black Mirror is also one of the best Netflix Drama Series.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story is like the twilight zone
American Horror Story
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
91038/ 1076%

As the name describes it is a horror series but is quite similar to the famous American thriller, The twilight zone. Like The Twilight Zone, this series also contains a lot of stories or we can say the miniseries. 

Each season of this series contains a new story, new characters, and a new horror creature. I think if you liked the Twilight Zone then this is the next series which you should watch and will definitely like. The first season is about a horror house and one family movie to that house, the second season of this series is based on a criminal asylum. As new seasons come, they contain new stories and new characters. 

As many thrillers the twilight zone contains, this American Horror Story also contains the same level of thrillingness. And above all, it is also a kind of anthology series, as each season contains a different story. 

The Sinner

The Sinner best netflix thriller mystery
The Sinner
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
2248/ 1095%

The Sinner is a crime-detective anthology series available on the Netflix. Just like the twilight zone, this series also have different stories in each of the episode, but overall the stories are related to crime.

The first story in this series is about a detective named Henry Ambrose, who has solved a lot of mysteries or cases, and particularly the murder mysteries. Now he wants to analyse why ordinary or normal people turn into criminals and do horrible murders.

This series is quite similar to the twilight zone, not only their genre is the same, but this series also shares the same feel shared in the twilight zone. And this series is also one of the Best Detective Shows on Netflix to Watch.

The Twilight Zone Original series

The Twilight Zone Original
The Twilight Zone Original
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
51569/ 1096%

You are here because you have watched the remake of The Twilight Zone original series. The original series is a black and white series that started in 1959. And in case you have watched the classic series but not watched the remake which was released in 2019. Then go watch the remake. 

The Twilight Zone classic is the first twilight zone series on which then a movie was also released and a remake of this series which you may think is the real series was released in 2019. If you liked that remake, that’s why you are here, so you should also give the classic series a try. There are 5 seasons of this classic twilight series while only one season of the newer twilight zone js released. 

If you want to know what is going to release in the next series of the Twilight Zone (2019), then you can watch the classic Twilight Zone, as the remake contain quite a similar story of the classic one. 

Love, Death, and Robots

Love Death and Robots inspired by the Twilight zone
Love Death and Robots
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
1188.5/ 1077%

Love. Death and Robots is an animation anthology series that is also quite inspired by the twilight zone. If you like the twilight zone’s new story in each episode then you will also like this series as it also contains a new story in every newer episode. 

All the stories or episodes are related to Science Fiction, Horror, and Thriller. The same genre is shown in the twilight zone series. The overall stories are related to robots, and it is shown that they will dominate the world. You might now get an idea about around which things all episodes story revolves.  

If you love animation series and also like the twilight zone, then this is the perfect option for you. It is an anthology series just like The Twilight Zone and is also animated. And don’t think that it is an animated series then it means it is one of the good shows on Netflix for 11-12-year-olds, but it is rated as 18+ series on Netflix.

Stranger Things

Stranger things netflix thriller series
Stranger things
SeasonsEpisodesIMDbRotten Tomatoes
3258.8/ 1093%

Stranger Things is a Netflix Original Thrilling series and is one of the most popular series available on Netflix. Why Stranger things are in the list? Because it also shows the government hides some secrets and along with that there is a lot of mysteriousness in all 3 seasons of this series. 

This series’ story is about an old town where a 12-year boy mysteriously got missing. And there is the hand of the government’s research plant behind this missing, which is built near that town. The friends of that boy then get to know some mysterious things going in that research plant that the government is hiding. 

Although the Stranger things are not that similar or inspired by the Twilight Zone, still there are some similarities from some stories showed in some episodes of the twilight zone. It is no an anthology series like the twilight zone and other listed above, but it is also a thriller series that’s why included here. 

So, these were the 6 series on Netflix which are quite similar to the twilight zone and if a person likes the twilight zone then that person might like the above 6 or one of the above-mentioned series. 

If you have any queries or have suggestions about this article then you can use the comment box available below. 

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