Interactive Shows and Movies on Netflix

List of Interactive Shows and Movies on Netflix

Here you will get the List of Interactive Shows/ Movies on Netflix. Netflix is a popular streaming platform of movies and especially tv-series and is one of the first streaming platforms to launch interactive content. Or you can say interactive movies and shows where viewers can make some decisions and the story changes with their decisions. 

If you do not want to just watch a movie or show on Netflix but also want to make changes in the story of it then you should watch interactive shows and movies on Netflix. And if you want to know about the best Netflix Interactive shows and movies then this is the right article. 

Here, you will get to know what are some popular and amazing interactive shows on Netflix and also about the Netflix interactive movies. 

The list includes Three Interactive shows and five interactive movies available on Netflix. We had also mentioned the Genre of each interactive show or movie, and the IMDb ratings and Rotten Tomatoes rating is also mentioned with them. 

You will also see a short description of each of the shows and movies mentioned hereunder their title which will help you choose the best show or movie for you. 

Now let’s have a look at the list of interactive movies and shows on Netflix. 

Netflix Interactive Shows/ Movies

Below are some great Netflix Interactive shows or series and movies where you can make decisions and these decisions will change the story of the series. A description of the story of each of the shows is also written which will help you choose the best option for you. The above 3 titles are interactive shows and after that interactive movies are mentioned. 

You Vs Wild

You Vs Wild Netflix Interactive Show
You Vs Wild
GenreIMDbRotten TomatoesType

You Vs Wild is one of the most popular interactive Netflix Series or Shows. The show was started on 10 April 2019, and 8 episodes of this interactive series are available on Netflix. Also, this show is one of the good tv shows for 11-12 years old on Netflix.

In this interactive series, you need to make decisions about the Bear Grylls. Based on your decisions, Bear Grylls will survive or die during the survival missions. It is an adventure survival interactive series, where you will make decisions such as which plant or insect he should eat, or which path he should take. Not only Kids, but adults will also enjoy this interactive series. 

Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft Story mode interactive series on Netflix
Minecraft Story mode
GenreIMDbRotten TomatoesType

Minecraft: Story Mode is an interactive Netflix series based on one of the popular video games named the same as this series. It is a family-friendly animated series having 5 episodes and is particularly for kids, but adults can also enjoy it. 

This interactive series is also like a story mode game, and the unique thing about this interactive series is that its story is more complicated. Unlike other interactive series, this contains a longer story that might seem interesting for kids, as the whole story changes with one decision the viewer makes. 

Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout

Stretch Armstrong The Breakout netflix interactive show
Stretch Armstrong The Breakout
GenreIMDbRotten TomatoesType
Adventure, AnimatedN/AN/AShow

Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout is an animation Netflix interactive series based on one of the famous shows Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters. If you had seen that show then you will definitely like this also. 

In this series, you need to make decisions which will help the Flex Fighters to defeat the Villains. It is a comic book action like adventure series which will be controlled by you or your decisions, as it is an interactive series. 

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror Bandersnatch Netflix interactive movie
Black Mirror Bandersnatch
GenreIMDbRotten TomatoesType
Sci-Fi, Thriller7.2/ 1072%Movie

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is not a kids’ interactive movie, but it is for adults and teenagers. This Netflix interactive movie is different from the normal Netflix interactive movies, as it is not an animation movie and also it is full of drama and a well-written story. 

The story of this movie is about a programmer who starts to question the reality of this world. And he did this after reading a fantasy Novel and then turning that Novel into a Video Game. You will make decisions that will change the story, and based on your decisions the story of the movie will flow in a different direction. 

Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale

Puss in Book Trapped in an epic tale netflix movie
Puss in Book Trapped in an epic tale
GenreIMDbRotten TomatoesType
Fantasy, Animation5.3/ 10N/AMovie

Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale is a Netflix interactive movie based on the Dreamworks’ animated character “Puss”. The story of this interactive movie is a lot different from the story of the series Puss in Boots and other Puss shows. 

In this interactive Netflix movie, Puss found a book while fighting with some Ninja Pirates, and when he opened the book he got inside the book. Yes, it seems a bit different, I mean he got stuck in the book, and based on your decisions he will come out of the book. You need to help Puss to be free from the book which is full of adventure tales. This Movie is one of the best animated Netflix movies for Toddlers.

Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal

Carmen Sandiego to steal or not to steal netflix interactive
Carmen Sandiego to steal or not to steal
GenreIMDbRotten TomatoesType
Adventure6.8/ 10N/AMovie

Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal is an interactive movie based on the lead character, Carmen Sandiego from famous detective animated movies. The story is full of mystery and action, you need to make decisions to Carmen saving Ivy and Zack. 

If you had watched the animation movie named Carmen Sandiego then you will definitely like this interactive Netflix movie also. Don’t worry, if you haven’t watched it then also you will like this interactive series because to make decisions in this interactive movie you need to be mentally present and be engaged in the story. If you love detective series on Netflix then you will definitely love this movie also.

Captain Underpants Epic Choice-O-Rama

Netflix Interactive Movie Captain Underpants Epic
Captain Underpants Epic chooice-o-rama
GenreIMDbRotten TomatoesType
Comedy, Animation6.3/ 10N/AMovie

Captain Underpants Epic Choice-O-Rama is a Netflix interactive short movie full of comedy and humor. If you want to see a funny interactive movie on Netflix then this is the best option for you. And it is also one of the Best Cartoon Movies available on Netflix.

The story is about two boys who make comics in their treehouse and one day their treehouse is going to be torn down and this is the source of their creativity. You will make decisions of different characters to save it. You can play the movie, again and again, to see what happens if you choose another option. 

Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile

Interactive movie on Netflix Buddy Thunderstruck
Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile
GenreIMDbRotten TomatoesType
Action, Animation7.3/ 10N/AMovie

This is a really creative interactive movie full of mess, yes, it contains a lot of ideas which you will choose from. If you have a young kid or toddler in your family then you can watch this movie with him, as it is one of the Best Netflix movies for toddlers.

The story of Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile is about two characters who are feeling bore. Then they started to giving reality to their creative ideas, some of the ideas also look crazy, such as driving trucks with blind-fold, and drinking radioactive cola, etc. things. And you need to choose which idea of their they should follow. 

So, these were the 8 best interactive movies and shows available on Netflix. You can enjoy them in your free time and can also replay them and see what changes if you make a different decision or choose a different option. 

I hope this article seems helpful to you in finding the best movies or shows for you on Netflix which support interactive feature. 

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