Best Animated Movies on Amazon Prime

Best Animated Movies on Amazon Prime

In this article, you will get to know about Best Animated Movies available on Amazon Prime. Not Only Kids, but We all enjoy Animated Movies, and if we are planning to have fun with our family then also we usually prefer watching animated movies. 

They are family-friendly and are also one of the best ways of entertainment. And if you have Amazon Prime Video and want to watch animated movies on it, then this is the right article for you. 

In this article, we will tell you about 15 best-animated movies on Amazon Prime Video. You don’t need to do hard work to find animated movies from millions of movies on Amazon Prime Video. 

We have found one of the best-animated movies available on Amazon Prime, and also have written an overall story of all these movies, so you will get an idea which one will be best for you. 

Along with the summary of movies, we have also mentioned the Genre, IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of each of the movies listed here. Mostly the highest rating movies are preferred by some people, that’s why we included these things. 

And as usual, an image from each of the movie is also included which will help you to decide which movie seem nice to you and which not. 

Animated Movies on Amazon Prime 

The following are the 15 best-animated movies available on Amazon Prime Video, all of these movies are “Included with Prime”, means you don’t need to pay extra to watch them. The Genre, IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings are mentioned in the form of a table under the featured image of a movie. And we tried our best to not mention spoilers in the summary of the following animated movies.

How to Train your Dragon

Best animated movie on Amazon Prime
How to Train Your Dragon
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Adventure 8.1/ 1099%

How to Train Your Dragon is an animated movie full of adventures, and filled with a lot of fantasy, in particular “Dragons”. This movie has 2 other sequels, which are also quite popular. 

The story of this animated movie is about an island of Vikings named Berk. Not only Vikings but Dragons also live on the same Island and are treated as the deadly enemies of Vikings. But the Vikings of Berk started living with Dragons when a young Viking Boy Hiccup showed that Dragons are harmless and can be trained. 

This is a great animated movie and is available on Amazon Prime Video, and if you liked this movie then you should also watch other movie series of this movie named How to train your Dragon 2 and 3. 

Kungfu Panda

Animated Movie on Amazon Prime Kungfu Panda
Kungfu Panda
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy, Action7.5/ 1087%

Kungfu Panda, as the name, stated that it is an animated movie related to martial arts, and particularly Kungfu. But in reality, there is less fight and more comedy in this movie. And there is a show related to this movie on amazon prime named “Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny”, which is one of the best Amazon original animated series.

The story of this movie is about a world where only animals live, but they are similar to humans, as they can talk and think like us. A huge festival is organized to find the next Dragon Warrior who will save the world from evil. And A Big Fatty Panda who doesn’t know anything about fighting and saving the world is chosen as the Dragon Warrior. 

The whole story is shown funnily, even the fight scenes are not having that much action, instead, they have comedy. There are two other movies also, Kungfu Panda 2 and Kungfu Panda 3, which you can watch on Amazon Prime if you liked this movie. 


Madagascar Animated Movie
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy, Family6.9/ 1054%

Madagascar is an animated movie where animals can also talk like humans, and it is shown how zoo animals live differently from animals living in the Jungle. 

This movie’s story is about a zoo in Madagascar whose major attraction is a Lion named Alex, and all the animals of the zoo are friends. Alex’s friend, a zebra, wants yo go to the Jungle but Alex wants him to stay at the zoo because all the animals get luxuries at the Zoo which are not available in Jungle. Somehow Alex the Lion, Zebra, their friend Giraffe went to an island where no humans live. And their they realize how much good life they were having at the zoo. 

If you want to watch an animated movie on Amazon Prime Video which is full of fun, and want to enjoy that movie with your family, then this is the best option for you. And it is one of the best-animated movies for Toddlers available on Netflix also.

Hotel Transylvania 

Hotel Transylvania movie
Hotel Transylvania
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy7.1/ 1044%

Hotel Transylvania is an animated movie about Monsters and Draculas, but don’t worry it is not a horror movie it is a comedy movie. 

The story of this movie is about Dracula who owns a Hotel where Monsters can get rooms, and that hotel is named Transylvania. Dracula has a daughter and she fell in love with a human, with which her father is not happy. He wants his daughter to marry or love with a monster or Dracula, not a human being. 

This animated movie is a comedy and a bit romantic movie, and there is another movie also named “Hotel Transylvania 2“ which is also available on Amazon Prime Video. 


Scooby-doo movie on Amazon Prime
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Mystery5.1/ 1030%

Scooby-Doo is a comedy-mystery movie full of adventures and it is based on one of the longest animated television series named Scooby-Doo. And it is one of the best movies on amazon prime for tweens.

The story of this movie is about a mysterious horror resort on an island. If you know about Scooby-Doo, then you might know that the four friends and their dog solve mysteries. And to solve the mystery of this horror resort they reunite after a long time. 

If you liked this movie then there are some other Scooby-Doo movies also such as Scoob! which is one of the latest movies from the Scooby-Doo franchise. 

The Lego Movie

Animated Movie on Amazon Prime
The Lego Movie
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Action, Family7.7/ 1096%

The Lego Movie is an animated movie based on a Lego World. You might know the kids’ toys “Lego”, with which you can build a lot of creative things, the movie shows similar animations. 

The story of this movie revolves around an individual named Emmet, who is prophesized to save the Lego world from an evil named Lord Business. Lord Business had stolen a deadly weapon named “Kragle” with which he had used to defeat everyone who wanted to stop him. He also used that weapon on a Wizard who wanted to stop him, and that wizard prophesized that someone will come and destroy you. After 8 years, the individual who is prophesied founded and he will stop that evil lord business. 

This is an action animated movie filled with a bit of comedy. And there is a sequel of this movie also, which is also available on Amazon Prime Video. 

The Angry Birds Movie

Angry Birds animated Movie
Angry Birds Movie
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Action, Comedy6.3/ 1043%

You might have play Angry Birds Game, do you? If you had played the angry birds game then this movie is based on the characters of the movie. Don’t worry, if you don’t play the game, you will still like this movie. This movie is also one of the Best Movies on Amazon Prime for 5-year-olds.

The story of the Angry Birds Movie is about a world of Birds, and they live on an island. Some meters away, there is an island of Pigs, who are the enemies of birds and they try to steal the eggs of the birds and to destroy their homes. 

If you love playing angry birds game then you will definitely like this movie, and if you like this movie then you should watch the second part of this movie named Angry Birds 2 Movie. And this is also available on the Amazon Prime Video to watch. 

Penguins of Madagascar

Penguins Of Madagascar on Amazon Prime
Penguins Of Madagascar
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy, Action6.7/ 1073%

If you had seen the Madagascar Movie which is also listed in this list above, then you should watch this movie also. Because this movie is about the squad of Penguins which are is also showed in the Madagascar animated movie. 

The story is about the three Penguins who are living in a Zoo situated in Madagascar. They want to save the lives of all Penguins of the world, by defeating Dr. Octavius Brine who is planning something huge to destroy the worldwide population of Penguins. 

This movie is filled with action and a lot of comedy, and if you hadn’t watched the Madagascar movie then don’t worry its story is different from the story of that movie. 

Lego Marvel: Avengers Reassembled 

Best Animated Movie on Amazon Prime is The Lego
The Lego Marvel: Avengers Reassembled
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Action6.2/ 10N/A

Lego Marvel: Avengers Reassembled is an animated movie based on Lego graphics. And as the name describes that it is related to the Marvel Avengers.

The story of this lego movie revolves around the Avengers, and the story of the Avengers movie is recreated in this movie. Some parts from the Ant-man and some from the Spider-man Movies are also showed in this movie. 

Overall, it is a good movie, and watching the Avengers in Lego animated graphics is also fun. Don’t worry the story of this movie is different from the Marvel Avenger Movies.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin and the Chipmunks animated movie
Alvin and the Chipmunks
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy5.2/ 1028%

Alvin and the Chipmunks is an animated movie about three chipmunks named Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. There are a total of 4 movies in this movie series and this is the first one.

The story about this movie is about Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, who are chipmunks and they used to live together on a tree. But one day that tree is being cut off and delivered to Los Angeles, as someone purchased it as a Christmas Tree. Now somehow they found a person named David, who is a songwriter, but not a good singer. David wants chipmunks to sing his songs, and in exchange, he will let them live in his own house.

Don’t think that the story of this movie is short, because we had just told a quarter story’s summary above. And no spoilers are being mentioned in the above summary.

Wonder Park

Wonder Park one of the animated movies on Amazon Prime
Wonder Park
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Adventure, Family5.8/ 1034%

Wonder Park is a perfect animated movie to watch with family and is also filled with a lot of emotions. This movie got released on 15 March 2019 and earned around $119 million. 

The story is about a girl named June Bailey, who has a great imagination. Her mother used to tell her stories about a Wonderland, and one day she went on a trip where she got separated from the crew and found an Amusement park which was not working at all. She with her imagination started remake of that park, but some difficulties are stopping her from the completion of that park. 

This animated is a great movie and you will enjoy this movie with your family. And if you want something entertaining then this is still one of the best options. 


Best Animated Movie on Amazon Prime is Storks
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Family6.8/ 1066%

This is a quite interesting animated movie which is about Storks who Deliver babies to their families. Yes, it seems like a fantasy story, and in reality, is also filled with fantasies. this 

The story of this movie is about Storks of Stork Mountain who deliver babies, and one day a stork wanted to keep a baby girl with himself. And the storks gave her a name, “Tullip”. Now 18 years have passed and now the baby girl had become an adult, and storks now deliver packages instead of babies. The company for which they deliver packages also have Tullip as a manager, but they are losing stock value for which Tullip is said to be responsible by the CEO of the company. 

Above was a summary of this movie, the whole story is quite interesting, and it is one of the best-animated movies available on the Amazon Prime Video. 

How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train your Dragon 2 movie
How to Train your Dragon 2
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Fantasy, Adventure7.8/ 1091%

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a sequel movie of the movie How to Train your Dragon. And if you haven’t watched the first movie which is listed on the first number in this list, then you should watch that movie first. And it is also available on Netflix and is one of the best movies for 13-year-olds on Netflix.

The story of this movie is about the Hiccup, who is a young Viking Kid, and is now famous among the other Vikings because he introduced to all people how they can train their dragons instead of killing them. And in this movie, he founds his mother, and also found a new enemy who wants to kill all the dragons he and his Town’s people are having. 

Watching this movie without watching the first How to Train your Dragon is not suitable, you should watch the first movie and then watch this one. If you just started watching this movie then you will be confused and might not understand the story. Don’t worry the first one is also available on the Amazon Prime Video.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa animated movie
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa animated movie
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy, Family6.6/ 1064%

If you had watched the first Madagascar Movie and liked it then you should watch this movie, and if not then go and finish that movie first. 

The story of this animated movie is about Alex who is a Zoo lion, and he along with his friends Marty, Melman, and Gloria somehow went to Africa. And there Alex finds his parents, and he also finds out that his father is the king of the Jungle. But his father’s rival whose name is Makunga want to do everything to be the King of the Jungle. 

If you liked the first Madagascar movie then you will definitely like this movie also, and there is a Madagascar 3 movie which you can watch after finishing this movie. All three of these movies are available on the Amazon Prime Video. 

Kungfu Panda 2 

One of the Best animated movies on Amazon Prime
Kungfu Panda 2
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy, Action7.2/ 1081%

Kungfu Panda 2 is the second movie from one of the most popular animated movie series Kungfu Panda. The first movie is also included in this list, and if you had finished that movie then you should watch this one. 

The story of Kungfu Panda 2 is a bit similar to the first movie, but Po the Panda is now great Kungfu Master. And he is now able to fight, and now a prisoner who thaught that he was capable of dragon warrior wants to find the new Dragon Warrior who’s name is Po. And he wants to kill Po so that he can show that he is more powerful than the dragon warrior. 

If you are thinking to watch this movie then be sure that you had watched the first Kungfu Panda, otherwise, you may get confused. All three Kungfu Panda movies are available on the Amazon Prime Video.

So these were the best animated movies available on Amazon Prime or you can say Prime Video. I hope you will love every movie you watch from the above list because we have included the movies of every category, such as funny, action, and adventure.

If you have any suggestions regarding this article or want to ask something then you can use the comment box available below.

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