Best Movies on Netflix for 13 year olds

Best Movies on Netflix for 13 year-olds

Get to know about the Best Movies on Netflix for 13 year-olds. We all love to watch movies on Netflix, but the majority of the movies on Netflix are not appropriate for kids and especially between those who are around the age of 13.

And if you have a child who is around 13 years old love to watch movies on Netflix, but you want to know what are the Netflix movies that your kid should watch. Then this is the right place for you.

Because in this article, you will get to know about the best Netflix movies for kids and particularly for 13 year-olds. Total 13 movies are listed here which are the top best movies on Netflix for children or who are aged between 10-13 years.

And if you want to know about what are the best netflix movies for toddlers or young children then we have a sepearate article on this. You can check it out by this link: Best Movies on Netflix for Toddlers.

All the movies listed here are available on Netflix and family-friendly. These movies contain no adult language, nor adult scenes which your child should not watch.

The majority of the movies listed here are animated and some are non-animated as well, all of them will put a positive effect on your 13 year-olds. Some of them will teach good habits to the kids as well.

Best Netflix Movies for 13 year-olds

Movies listed below are particularly picked for kids, and we had also given the genre and IMDb rating along with the list of these movies. Also, a short description of each movie is given and an image from each movie is given so that you can understand what the movie might be about.

Now without wasting time let’s get started with the first movie which is best for kids who are 13 years old, and which is “Home Alone”.

Home Alone

Best netflix movie for 13 year olds Home Alone
Home Alone

Genre: Comedy, Family.

IMDb: 7.6/ 10

You might have seen this movie, where a family went to France n Christmas eve and one of their children accidentally left at home.

That boy who left at home is named Kevin and is 8 years old. At the start he feels freedom because Now he can do anything that he wants, he can eat as many snacks and he can watch as much tv as he wants. But then he started feeling scared, as he gets to know that two thieves were planning to rob his house.

In this movie, the clever Kevin had shown exceptional darkness, as he fought with these two thieves in a very smart way.

The Incredibles

The incredibles movie for kids
The incredibles

Genre: Action, Animation, Family.

IMDb: 8/ 10

Do you love superhero movies or your child loves them? Although you don’t love action movies, this is a movie which you will still like.

The Incredibles is an animated movie where a family of superheroes is shown, the children of the family don’t know about their superpowers. And the parents of them are retired superheroes, who are now working as normal humans. But one day the father (Mr. Incredible) got traped by an evil syndrome, and then his children get to know about their powers.

The whole family went to the bases where Mr. Incredible is kept and save him. This movie portrays a relationship between family members and contains lots of action which your child will definitely like.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia netflix movie
The Chronicles of Narnia

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure.

IMDb: 6.9/ 10

The Chronicles of Narnia is a movie series and there are 3 movies in this movie series. The whole story is about a different world which is named Narnia.

4 Siblings accidentally found a way to travel to that world which is through a wardrobe. And they get to know that there were old stories made about the prophecy that 4 siblings one day will come to Narnia and save it from the hands of an evil witch who is now a queen of Narnia.

This is a great movie and contains no adult scenes at all, and the main lead characters of this movie are girls, if you are planning to watch a movie with your daughter then this is the best option. Your 13 years old child will learn how to behave with siblings and along with that his/ her imagination and creativity will also grow.

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How to train your dragon

How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Fantasy.

IMDb: 8.1/ 10

How to train your dragon is an animated movie in which there are dragons, which you might have guessed from its name. And there are Vikings in all over the world, who kill dragons because they think dragons are evil.

One day a young biking boy, Hiccup, found that dragons are not evils they just protect themselves when Vikings attack them. He also made a dragon his friend and then show to all other people that humans and dragons can live together.

The above was an overall story of this movie, in reality, it is quite fascinating and your child will be surprised while watching this movie. There are three other parts of this movie as well, and you should watch then if you liked this first movie from three of them. And there is a series named Dragons related to this movie, and that Netflix series is good for 11-12 years-olds.

Journey 2: the mysterious island

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island
Journey 2 The Mysterious Island

Genre: Adventure, Action.

IMDb: 5.8/ 10

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, as defined by the name is a movie about a journey full of adventures. If your child loves adventure movies then this is the best choice for you.

In this movie, a person named Alexander found a mysterious island and then he sends a signal to his grandson about his location. After receiving that signal from grandfather, his grandson, Sean, plans to travel to that island. Along with Sean, his stepfather, Hank also travels to that Island on a junky helicopter.

After finding and landing on that island they found that it is sinking, and they are stuck there. So, they started finding a way to make the island stop sinking or to find a way back home. This is a really great movie, which is full of fascinating things found on a mysterious island.


Best Netflix Movie for 13 year olds, Bolt

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Action.

IMDb: 6.8/ 10

Do you love pets or your 13-year-old child love pets? Then this is a movie related to pets, particularly to dogs and cats.

In this animated movie, there is a pet dog named Bolt, who is a star. Bolt is a pet of a young tv actress who is doing a tv show for a long time and Bolt is also part of that show, and in that show Bolt is shown as a super dog. The fun fact is that the dog never knew that it was a tv show shoot, he believes that he really have superpowers, until he got lost.

Then he met with other street dogs and cats, and then get to know that he was not a super dog, he was just a part of a tv show. And all the powers he used were created with 3D effects. You can also say that It is one of the popular animated movies like Cars, and The Incredibles, etc.

The adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin
The Adventures of Tintin

Genre: Animation, Adventure.

IMDb: 7.3/ 10

You might know one of the most popular 20’s tv shows was “The adventures of Tintin”. This movie is based on one incident showed in that tv show.

Tintin is a young reporter boy, he bought a model of a ship. And one day his dog break that shop model, what came from inside that model was a letter from Captain Haddock. After reading it he and his dog went on a journey full of adventures.

If you love adventure movies then this is the right movie for you. The graphic effects of this movie are really incredible, you might have not watched any animated movie with that much-improved graphics.


Cars movie available on neflix kids
Cars movie

Genre: Animation, Action.

IMDb: 7.1/ 10

You might have seen at least one Cars movie, do you? There are 3 movies in the movie series of Cars. I had listed the first one here, which according to me is the best out of three.

In this movie, you will see a new world where only cars live and they can speak, see and can do all things we do on their own. The movie is about a racer named, Lightning Mcqueen, who accidentally got lost from the highway and found himself in an old town. There he gets to know that winning is not always important, and he then also shows it in the race.

He saves the life of his competitor, who got wrecked in the race, and he doesn’t win the trophy but won the hearts. It is a nice animated movie and not only a kid, but adults who love animated movies must watch this movie. And this movie is also one of the best animated movies on Netflix for toddlers.

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania for 13 year olds
Hotel Transylvania

Genre: Comedy, Family, Animation.

IMDb: 7.1/ 10

This is an animated movie that contains monsters but still, it is not horror at all, in fact, it is a funny movie.

A Dracula owns a hotel or you can say resort for monsters, where monsters can come and book rooms, can enjoy food. And there is a daughter of that Dracula who fell in love with a human, and this Dracula does everything to break the increasing love of his daughter towards a human.

This is a nice movie with a lot of comedy and a little bit of love. This is really a great movie for a kid who is 10- 14 years old.

The good dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur netflix
The Good Dinosaur

Genre: Adventure, Family.

IMDb: 6.7/ 10

From the name of the movie, you can guess that it is related to the dinosaurs. Yes, it is, and there is a good dinosaur who is not dangerous at all and is separated from his family due to a huge storm.

The dinosaur now is on a journey to find his family, and during this time he found a human’s child. They both became good friends and during his way to his village, where he can find his family, he found the parents of that human boy.

It is a bit emotional movie, which everyone should watch once at least. The graphics effects are also pretty cool, and the story of this movie is well written.


Turbo, netflix movie for kids

Genre: Family, Animation.

IMDb: 6.4/ 10

I this movie you will see a new world of snails, and this movie is particularly about a snail, Turbo.

Turbo was a normal snail bit he wanted to become a racer. Yes, there are racing championships in the Snail World, but not all snails can show that much speed in their world. But Turbo’s dream started becoming true after he had an accident. And after that accident, he got a power super of super speed.

You will get to know how much a person, or should I say a Snail, can do to accomplish his dream, Regardless of the odds or limitations. This is a nice animated movie with a great social message for 13 year-olds.


Go Karts netflix movie
Go Karts

Genre: Family.

IMDb: 5.9/ 10

Go Karts is a Netflix original movie, means you can only stream this movie on Netflix. As from name you might have got an idea that this movie is about karts.

In this movie, a teen who belongs to a small town in Australia got interested in go-kart racing. And he also made up a dream of winning go-kart championship. So, he starts practicing on a go-kart track, and while doing this, a former racer who was the owner of the track noticed him. Then he taught him how to win the go-kart race.

It is a nice movie, but it hadn’t got that many IMDb ratings as you can see above that only a 5.9 rating are given to this movie. But according to me, you will like this movie, as it is a family movie and can be watched with the whole family including children.

Pokemon: Mewtwo strikes back evolution

Pokemon movie for 13 year olds on netflix
Pokemon movie

Genre: Animation, Fantasy.

IMDb: 5.7/ 10

If you are a pokemon series fan and you haven’t watched this movie, then you should go and first watch it. It is a great movie with awesome graphics, but if you have watched the first-ever pokemon movie then this is the remake of that movie.

This is the latest Pokemon movie released in 2019 and you might know that it’s animations are different from the Pokemon TV show or series. The storyline is also quite different from the original Pokemon Classic series. And it is a remake of the first pokemon movie which is named “Pokemon: The first movie”. The story of this new movie is the same as was of the first movie but the graphics are changed now.

CGI graphics were used in this new movie, you might don’t know what are CGI graphics. They are just a new form of computer animation called computer-generated imagery where the computer generates all the images none of them were drawn by a person on paper.

So, these were the top 13 Netflix movies for kids, and if you want to know about more movies or articles like this one, then keep using our site.

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