Good Movies on Amazon Prime for 10 year olds

Good Movies on Amazon Prime for 10-year-olds

You will get to know about what are some Good Movies on Amazon Prime for 10-year-olds. There are a lot of movies on Amazon Prime Video, and one can’t even choose one as there are a lot of options.

Finding a movie to watch with a kid who is around 10 years old is even harder, as the majority of the movies are not family-friendly or contain age-restricted material.

Also, there is no filter in Amazon Prime Video to find out the movies according to the age-group, thus finding the good movies for 10-year-olds is harder.

But don’t worry, we have found some great movies which every 10-year-old might love to watch and enjoy. Along with that, the movies we have picked from Amazon Prime video for 10-year-olds don’t contain any age-restricted material.

We have mentioned the Genre, IMDb Rating, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings with each movie so that you can decide which one is best for you. And a short summary about the movie and its story is also mentioned which don’t contain any spoilers.

Good Movies for 10-year-olds on Amazon Prime 

Below are the 10 good or you can say the best movies for 10-year-olds kids and not only kids, but their parents might also love watching these movies, as they are really great movies. Now let’s get started with our first movie which is named Madagascar.


Madagascar Animated Movie on Amazon Prime
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy, Animation6.9/ 1054%

Madagascar is one of the most popular animated movies available on Amazon Prime. This movie is the first movie from the 3 movie series of the same name. And it is a good movie for 10 years old on amazon prime video. 

This movie’s story is about 4 animals of a zoo in New York, a Lion, a Zebra, a Giraffe, and a Hippo, who are friends. At the zoo, they live a luxurious life, and one day they found themselves on an Island, where they have to live on their own. There they get to find that how difficult is the life in a Jungle. 

Above was only a summary of the whole story of the movie, we don’t want to reveal the whole story and spoilers, which will ruin your enjoyment. If you are 10 years old or your kid is 10 years old, then this is one of the best movies for him on amazon prime. And it is one of the Best Movies on Amazon Prime for Toddlers.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter movie on Amazon Prime for 10 year olds
Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Fantasy, Adventure7.6/ 1081%

Harry Potter is one of the most popular fantasies movie series, and Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone is the first movie of the 8 movie series. You might have watched this movie? If you don’t then go watch it and it is available on Amazon Prime also. 

The overall story of this movie is about an orphan boy whose name is Harry Potter. He is the son of a Wizard and a Witch, and he also has magical powers that he didn’t know until he turns 16. As his parents were dead, he was living at his aunt’s house who didn’t want to tell him about his parents and about the magical world. 

If you love fantasy movies then this is the best fantasy movie available on amazon prime video for 10-year-olds. And I want to tell you that the first 4 movies or first 4 sequels of this movie series are perfect to be watched by a 10-year-old kid, but the last 4 contains some kissing scenes. 

The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie on Amazon Prime Video
The Angry Birds Movie
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Animation, Family6.3/ 1043%

Have you played Angry Birds game? This movie is based on the characters of the angry birds game franchise. There is a sequel to this movie also which is named The Angry Birds Movie 2. It is one of the perfect picks on Amazon Prime Video for 10-year-olds. 

The story is about an Island where birds live, and they can’t fly, although they are birds. One day a Shipwrecked at their Island and pigs came out of that ship, now three birds, Red, Bomb, and Chuck wants to reveal the intentions of the pigs to the whole residents of bird island. 

The Angry Birds movie is the best movie if you just want to enjoy and entertainment with some comedy. And it is really a great animated movie for a 10-11-year-old kid. 

How to Train your Dragon

How to train your Dragon
How to train your Dragon
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Adventure, Action8.1/ 1099%

How to Train your dragon is one of the most popular animated movies produced by Dreamworks entertainment company. There are two other sequels of this movie also, which you can watch if you liked this movie. And it is one of the Best animated movies available on Amazon Prime Video.

The story of this movie is about an Island named Berk. The people who live at Berk are called Vikings, and they are not alone living on the Island, there are Dragons. There is a huge fight between the Vikings and the Dragons, and it looks like it will never end. But a young skinny Viking Boy named Hiccup showed to all the Vikings that dragons are loveable creatures and they will not harm if we don’t attack them. 

This movie is one of those movies which not only kids but adults also enjoy. If someone wants to watch a movie with the whole family including different age groups then this is one of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video to be watched by anyone regardless of age. 

Lost and Found

Good Movie on Amazon Prime for 10 year olds
Lost and Found
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Adventure, Mystery5.4/ 1029%

Lost and Found is one of the best mystery movies available on amazon prime video. The great thing is that majority of the mystery movies are about murder mysteries but it is different from them, it’s about a treasure hunt. 

The story revolves around two brothers Andy and Mark went to their Uncle’s house in their summer vacations. Their Uncle’s home is at a mysterious Island, and they instead of having a vacation went on a journey to find the missing treasure of their family. That treasure is somewhere buried on that Island, and they want to find it, as it belongs to their family. 

If we talk about which is the best mystery series on Amazon Prime for 10-year-olds then this is one of them. And bot only kids but the adults will also enjoy watching this movie. 


Scooby Doo good movie on Amazon Prime
Scooby Doo
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy, Mystery5.1/ 1030%

You might have known Scooby-Doo classic animation series, don’t worry if you don’t know about it. This movie is based on one of the popular animated shows of the ’90s named Scooby-Doo. 

The story of this movie is about 4 friends and their dog. They solve mysteries which are not able to solve by anyone else, and particularly which are related to ghosts. And in this movie, these four friends were breakup from each other and then they reunite to solve a mystery of a resort at an island where some strange things are happening. 

If you are a Scooby-Doo fan then you must watch this movie, if not then still watch it then you will also become a scooby-doo fan. It is a great movie for 10-year-olds on Amazon Prime Video, and there is the latest movie of Scooby-Doo franchise named Scoob, which is not currently available on Amazon Prime. 

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania movie
Hotel Transylvania
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy, Fantasy7.1/ 1044%

Hotel Transylvania is a kind of horror animated movie that contains a lot of comedy. Yes, there is nothing scary in the movie, instead it is shown in a funny way. This movie is best for the 10-year-old kids who want to see horror movies but don’t want to be scared. 

The story of this movie is about a Dracula or Vampire, who owns a Hotel for monsters named Transylvania. The hotel is opened for monsters, they can rent a room there. That Dracula also has a daughter and it seems that she is falling in love with a human named Jonathan. Her dad doesn’t want a human to be his son1in-law, that’s why he tries his best to change the mind of his daughter about her lover. 

If someone wants to watch a movie which has something different then this is one of them, as you don’t have watched a comedy movie about monsters before. And it is also a family-friendly movie as all of this list is. 

Wonder Park

Wonder Park Movie on Amazon Prime for 10 year olds
Wonder Park
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Family, Adventure5.8/ 1034%

Wonder Park is an animated movie about a demolished amusement park, and a little girl. It is not that popular, but I watched this movie and loved it that’s why it is included here. And this movie is also one of the Best Movies for 5-year-olds on Amazon Prime.

The story of this movie revolves around a girl named June, and she is a creative girl who has a great imagination. Her mother once told her a story about a wonderland, and she also imagined the whole story in her mind. One day she found an amusement park that was not in a working state. From her imagination, she built that park as she imagined in her mind.

It is a great animated movie with a good message for all kids. I think a 10-year-old will definitely like this movie based on keep dreaming and dreams come true thing. 

Penguins of Madagascar 

Penguins Of Madagascar on Amazon Prime
Penguins Of Madagascar
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Comedy, Action6.7/ 1073%

Penguins of Madagascar is a movie based on some of the characters of Madagascar movie which is listed above in this list of movies. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen that movie, you can still watch it as the story of both of them is way more different.

This movie revolves around 4 penguin friends, who somehow get to know about a Dr. Octavius Brine who is planning to kill all penguin populations worldwide. They want to destroy his plans, and in this movie, you will see how they stop him. 

This movie is full of comedy and action, you will not be bored at all while watching this movie. And it is one of the good options for 10-year-olds available on amazon prime. 

The Fairy King

The fairy king good movie on Amazon Prime
The fairy king
GenreIMDbRotten Tomatoes
Fantasy4.6/ 1033%

The fairy king is a fantasy movie about fairies, as the name describes. This is not an animated movie, and if you want to find the best non-animated movies on amazon prime for 10-year-olds then this is one of the best. 

This movie is about two siblings whose grandmother used to tell them stories about fairies. Now their grandmother is dead and they found in the backyard of their grandmother’s house a cave to the world of fairies. They get to know that fairies are real, and they need their help. They both went on a journey to save the fairies and also it will save their father which is suffering from some kind of disease which will be cured. 

This movie didn’t get that many ratings, but it is a decent non-animated fantasy movie available on amazon prime video to stream.

So these were the 10 best movies available on Amazon Prime for 10-year-olds, and not only for them but anyone can watch them, as they are family-friendly movies. 

I hope you get what you wanted from this article, and if you have any suggestions or queries regarding this article then you can use the comment box below.

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