Best Clean Shows on Amazon Prime

Best Clean TV Shows/ Series on Amazon Prime

Here you will get to know about what are the Best Clean TV Shows/ Series on Amazon Prime. Do you want to know what are the clean shows on Amazon Prime which you can watch with your kids or parents or should I say with the whole family? Then you are at the right place, in this article, I will tell you about some clean series or tv shows available on Amazon Prime. 

By “Clean” I mean that they are a family-friendly series and shows which parents can watch with their kids. No abusive words are being used in these series and also, no adult content is shown in these shows. 

We had also mentioned the Genre, number of seasons, and episodes of each series. And the IMDb rating and a summary about the series are also mentioned which will help you to choose the best one for you. 

Total 8 series which according to us and the reviews of some users are best to clean series on Amazon Prime are listed in this article. 

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All these shows are being watched by me, so you can trust me for the right review of each of the series and I know what they contain and what not. 

Clean Shows on Amazon Prime

Following is the list of 8 best Clean series available on amazon prime. Not only the list, but also a summary of each of the series’ stories and normal information related to them such as the number of seasons, episodes, and their Genre is also included. 

Just add magic

Clean Series on amazon prime just add magic
Just add magic
GenreSeasonsEpisodesIMDb Rating
Fantasy3518.2/ 10

Just Add Magic is one of the most popular amazon original series for kids, and it is one of the Best Fantasy Series available on Amazon Prime Video. But not only kids their parents also enjoy watching this series because it is a clean fantasy series and I think we all love watching fantasy shows/ series. If you want yo watch something magical with a lot of fiction then this seems to be the right option for you. And this show is one of the best shows for 11-12 year olds on amazon prime.

What it’s about:- This series revolves around three best friends, Kelly Quinn, Darbie, and Hannah. They found a cookbook at Kelly’s house which seems to be her grandma’s cookbook. But the recipes that cookbook contains were quite strange, and then they find out that it was a magical cookbook and Kelly’s grandma is a witch. 

The Dangerous Book for Boys

A dangerous book for boys on amazon prime
A dangerous book for boys
GenreSeasonsEpisodesIMDb Rating
Comedy, Drama165.9/ 10

The Dangerous Book for boys is also an amazon original movie that contains a lot of drama and comedy with a bit of fantasy as well. It is not only for boys, just the name of this series seems to attract boys but the story of this series is about a whole family. If you want to watch a series with your family then this is the best family series on amazon prime. 

What it’s about:- The story of this series is about McKenna Family, who’s family Patriarch named Patrick, just had passed. Patrick was a great inventor and was a genius, and his passing was a great loss for his family. After Patrick’s death, his three sons found a handbook written by Patrick and the title of it was “A Dangerous book for boys”. With the help of that book, Patrick’s youngest son started meeting his father in a fantasy world where Patrick interacts with him and teach him some life lessons. 

Gortimer Gibbons Life On Normal Street

Gortimer Gibbon's life on a Normal Street series
Gortimer Gibbon’s life on a Normal Street
GenreSeasonsEpisodesIMDb Rating
Adventure, Fantasy2398.2/ 10

Gortimer Gibbons Life on a Normal Street is one of the best clean series available on amazon prime video. It is quite popular among school kids and contains a great story, you can predict it’s popularity by its decent IMDb rating. This series is a fantasy series, and if you are a fantasy series fan then you should watch this series. And this show is one of the best shows on amazon prime for Tweens, if you are a tween then you would love this series.

What it’s about:- This series is about a teenage boy named Gortimer and his two friends, Ranger and Mel. They are normal kids as their life is, but they used to spent their time in a street named “Normal Street”, where things are not seeming normal. And they want to find out what is hiding beneath the normalness of that street. 

The Kicks

Clean show on amazon prime The Kicks
The Kicks
GenreSeasonsEpisodesIMDb Rating
Teen Sitcom1106.9/ 10

The kicks as the name describes is a tv show related to sports and particularly football. The story is about a soccer team and how they raise to victory regardless of the problems they face in their path to victory. It is not only for girls, but the main lead in this series is of girls. And it is a clean show available on amazon prime which can be watched with the whole family and kids. 

What it’s about:- The story of this series revolves around a soccer player named Devin, who was a great soccer player in his school soccer team and everything was going on well until her family moved to a different place and that’s California. Devin also had to change school, and she now gets to know that his new school’s soccer team has been losing for a long time and they need a great player to change their fate. 

Lost in Oz

Lost in Oz Clean series on amazon prime
Lost in Oz
GenreSeasonsEpisodesIMDb Rating
Adventure, Animation2267.7/ 10

Lost in Oz is an amazon original animated series and is also one of the best Amazon original animated series so far. And this series is based on a story about a magical world named Oz. If you love watching animated series, then this is the best-animated series and is not only for kids, the adults will also enjoy the engaging story of this animated series. 

What it’s about:- This series is about a girl named Dorothy Gale who is lost in the magical land of Oz with his best friend Toto. She is finding a way back to her home and during her journey of finding a way home, she made a lot of friends who helped her and a lot of enemies as well. We will see will she be able to find a way to go back to her home?

An American Girl Story

An American Girl Story clean show on amazon prime
An American Girl Story
GenreSeasonsEpisodesIMDb Rating
Family, Drama117.2/ 10

An American Girl Story is a short-series released on amazon prime video, it only has one episode. I don’t know why they don’t release it as a movie? But it is a nice family-friendly series which you can say is clean and doesn’t contain any vulgar content.

What it’s about: This series is about Christmas and particularly Christmas gifts. The story revolves around a girl named Maryellen, she discovers that the biggest gift on a Christmas is to give others happiness, and then she found a way to make Christmas special for others. It is a great kids movie, but if you are not kids you can still watch this movie.

Just add Magic: Mystery City

Just add magic mystery city on amazon prime
Just add magic: mystery city
GenreSeasonsEpisodesIMDb Rating
Fantasy1107.4/ 10

Just Add Magic: Mystery City is a sequel of the Just adds magic amazon original series. If you had watched the Just add Magic series then you can watch this series as it is also based on that series. Don’t worry you can also start watching this series, but if you had watched the first prequel Just Add Magic then it will be easy for you to get into this series. Like other series of this list, it is also a clean series on amazon prime. 

What it’s about:- This series is about a magical cookbook that contains magical recipes of witches. In the prequel, the cookbook was in the hands of Killy Quinn and her two friends, but in this series, this cookbook had found new owners Zoe and Leo who are step-siblings. They have to find a secret missing recipe and to find it they have to go to an adventure to a mystery city. 

Transformers Prime

Transformers Prime clean show on amazon prime
Transformers Prime
GenreSeasonsEpisodesIMDb Rating
Action, Animation3657.8/ 10

Have you watched the Transformers Movies? If yes then this animated series related to that movie series. Don’t worry if you had not watched the Transformers movies, the story of this animated series is quite different than the story of the movies. Unlike transformers movies, this animated series is clean and can be watched with kids and family. And it is not like other animated series which only kids like, but the teenagers and adults also love watching this series because of its incredible story and groundbreaking graphics. 

What it’s about:- The story of this series is about Autobots and Decepticons. They both are living robots who came to earth from a planet called Cybertron. Decepticons are Evil and they want to rule earth while Autobots want to protect Earth from Decepticons. Autobots don’t want Earth to be destroyed by Decepticons just like their own planet destroyed. 

And these were the best Clean series or shows you can find on amazon prime video. I hope that you get what you wanted from this article. 

This is the end of this article, and if you have any suggestions regarding it then you can use the comment box below, we keep checking comments. 

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