List of Netflix Original Animes

List of Best Netflix’s Original Anime

Here you will get the List of Best Netflix’s Original Anime. Netflix is one of the most popular movies streaming apps and it is now one of the streaming services having their own exclusive Series and Movies.

These exclusive series and movies are called Netflix originals which you all might know. Now Netflix is also creating Netflix Original Animes after seeing a positive response on Animes available on Netflix.

There is not any filter in Netflix which allows you to filter Netflix Original Animes, that’s why you are here. In this article, I will give you a list of best Netflix Original Animes. 

About 12 best Netflix Original Animes are listed in this list, and some Netflix Original Animes which are not that much popular are not listed.

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We have also mentioned the common information such as Genre of each of the Netflix original anime listed here.

Also, we have included a short description of each of the following listed anime.

Netflix Original Anime List                                   

Following is the list of 11 best Netflix Original Animes which you should watch and we have also mentioned short descriptions about each of the Netflix original anime listed below. This will help you to know about an anime before even watching it.


Best Netflix Original Anime is Baki

The first anime in this list is Baki, which is one of the most popular Netflix Original Anime Series, and the genre of Baki is Action. If you love watching animes which include action and fight then this Netflix Original Anime is the best option for you. And this anime is one of the Best English Dubbed Animes available on Netflix.

What it’s about: This series revolves around a boy named Baki who works hard to become a wrestler. And he is not only glad after becoming a wrestler, he wants to be the best Wrestler in the world. For becoming the best wrestler in the world he has to defeat his father in a match because his father is known as the strongest person in the world.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series

Pokemon Journeys The Series anime
Pokemon Journeys The Series

Pokemon is one of the old and the most popular anime series, and Pokemon Journeys: The series is a remake of the classic Pokemon series, and the genre of this series is Adventure. Not only that this Netflix original series targets the story of Pikachu. 

What it’s about: As mentioned above, this Netflix original series is a remake of the classic Pokemon series. The graphics of this series are improved than the classic pokemon series, and this series also shows the past of the Pikachu. It also shows how Pichu evolve into a Pikachu and became the first pokemon of Ash. 


Castlevania best netflix original anime

Castlevania is one of the best Horror Fantasy Netflix Original Animes, and this Anime series is based on a popular Video Game named Castlevania. If you are looking for a fantasy or horror series then this is the best option for you on Netflix. If you just started watching animes then this is right for you because it is one of the Best Anime for Beginners on Netflix.

What it’s about: This series is about Draculas and Vampires, and the leader of them is Vlad Dracula Tepes who is going towards Eastern Europe to finish all the human beings. But a surviving member of a clan which was destroyed by them wants to save eastern Europe from extinction.


Ultraman Netflix Original Anime

Ultraman is a kind of remake of the classic Anime series called The Ultraman. This is an action, superhero anime series and if you have watched the classic Ultraman anime series, then you should watch this Netflix Original remake of that series.

What it’s about: This anime is about a high school boy named Shinjiro Hayata. After the death of his father, he comes to know that his father was an Ultraman, and now that title is passed down to him. He has to save everyone from the evil and also have to hide the truth about himself.

Drifting Dragons

Best Netflix Original Anime Drifting Dragons
Drifting Dragons

Drifting Dragons are one of the latest Netflix Original Animes, as this anime got released on Netflix in 2020. This anime is an adventure-fantasy anime and has only one season, as it just got released in 2020.

What it’s about: As the name also describes, this Netflix original anime series is about dragons. And not only dragons, but the story also revolves around a dragon hunting crew of airship Queen Zaza, who hunts dragon. They hunt dragons because they get paid for hunting, and also they eat dragons.

Magi: Adventures of Sinbad

Magi Adventures of Sinbad anime
Magi Adventures of Sinbad

Magi: Adventures of Sinbad is an action-adventure Netflix original anime series that got positive ratings on IMDB as well as on Rotten Tomatoes. If you want to watch an adventure anime series then this is the best option available on Netflix for you.

What it’s about: This anime, as the name describes is about the Adventures of Sinbad. Sinbad’s adventures are old stories, and in this series, those old stories are shown in a new way. Sinbad is a young warrior and kid of a King, but before becoming a King Sinbad wants to go on dangerous Adventures.


Kakegurui Best Netflix Original Anime

Kakegurui is also one of the popular Netflix Original Anime Series, but it is quite different from all other Anime series. The genre of this anime can be said to be Drama and Action.

What it’s about: This anime’s story revolves around an academy named Hyakkaou Private Academy. This is an unusual academy for the kids of wealthy people. And the curriculum of this academy only includes the ways of winning in Gambling. Yes, this anime is all about gambling, and kids are taught about winning in gambling at the Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura netflix original anime
Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura is one of the best action animes available on Netflix, and like other animes of this list, it is also a Netflix Original Anime. This anime is a bit similar to the Baki anime listed at the top of this list.

What it’s about: This anime series revolves around a fifty-six-year-old man named Kazuo Yamashita. He is asked by his company’s chairman to take part in the Kengan tournament as a manager of a gladiator. The kengan tournaments are flights that happen between the businesses to save corporate rights.

Great Pretender 

Best Netflix Original Anime Great Pretender
Great Pretender

Great Pretender is a comedy Netflix Original Anime series and is about snatchers and swindlers. If you want to try something different then this would be the right option for you.

What it’s about: This anime series is about Edamura Masato, who is said to be the greatest swindler of Japan. But one day he get to know that he is not the greatest swindler, there is a french scammer who is even greater than him. And now he wants to beat him and want to be the greatest swindler in the world.

BNA: Brand New Animal

BNA netflix original anime

BNA is one of the most popular fantasies Netflix Original Anime series and is also one of the latest Netflix Original Animes. The first season of this anime first got aired at Netflix in 2020. This anime is about humanoids, who are a mixture of animals and humans.

What it’s about: This anime series is about Humanoids who are a bit animal and a bit human being. For centuries, humanoids are living in the darkness, away from the human world, and one day their existence is revealed to the whole world.


Beastars netflix Original anime

Beastars is a Crime-Drama Netflix original anime in which the world of civilized animals is shown. There are no human beings, only animals living in a civilized way like humans. Its story is a mixture of fiction and crime.

What it’s about: As mentioned above, this anime is about a world of civilized animals, and the main story of this anime revolves around a public school where a wolf investigates the murder of his classmate.

So, these were the 11 best Netflix Original Animes, and I hope that this article seems helpful to you. This is the end of this article, and if you have any suggestions regarding this article or want to say something then you can use the comment box below.

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