Best Series for entrepreneurs on amazon prime

Best Series for Entrepreneurs on Amazon Prime

If you want to know about what are the Best Series for Entrepreneurs on Amazon Prime, then this is the right article for you. In this article, I will tell you about 6 best series for entrepreneurs available on amazon prime video.

There are a lot of series available on amazon prime, and finding the series of your taste or choice is difficult. That’s why you are here because there is no such filter available in amazon prime with which you can find what you want to watch or the entrepreneur series.

There is not that much series about entrepreneurship available on amazon prime video, but still, we were able to find 5 entrepreneur series which were worth watching.

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4 out of 5 series listed here are normal series about entrepreneurship, while two of them are shows like a reality show. 

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We had also mentioned the number of seasons, episodes, and the IMDb ratings of each series listed below.

Series for Entrepreneurs on Amazon Prime

Below is the list of the 6 best entrepreneur series on Amazon Prime Video. We had also mentioned a plot summary of each of the series with which you will be able to get an idea about what the series is about and can choose the best series for yourself to watch.


Best Series for Entrepreneurs on Amazon Prime Startup
3308/ 10

The Startup, as the name describes is a series based on the startup of a young entrepreneur who wants t build a safe and independent mode of money transfer just like Bitcoin.

The story is not that simple, and not only related to the business and entrepreneurs, but also is related to the criminals as one of the most wanted criminal’s money is being used in a Startup business with letting him knew about it.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank entrepreneurs on amazon prime
Shark Tank
112467.6/ 10

Shark Tank is an American reality show which first got aired on ABC network in 2009. And this show had won a lot of awards such as the “Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program”, and “Oustanding Reality Program”.

This reality show is based around new startups and businesses, in this show businessmen and entrepreneurs can come and show their idea or presentation in front of four judges or you can say “Sharks”. If the Idea and presentation are good enough then the startups get investments from Sharks or judges.

Larry King Now

Larry King Now show for entrepreneurs on Amazon Prime
Larry King Now
810005.6/ 10

Larry King Now is a kind of reality show where Larry King invites the most popular celebrities from different fields and interview them or ask them the common questions we all have in ou minds.

In this show, particularly the entrepreneurship and business-related questions are asked. Larry interacts with the celebrities in a casual way which doesn’t seem like an interview, and around 1000 celebrities are being interviewed in this show. Some popular musicians, Film stars, and Entrepreneurs are invited to this show and you will definitely learn about how they manage their finances from this show.

Million Dollar Matchmaker

Million Dollar Matchmaker show on amazon prime video
Million Dollar Matchmaker
2204.2/ 10

The Million Dollar Matchmaker is also an American reality show which casts a matchmaker celebrity whose business is to find love for the people, and she charges for her service. 

You will see in this series how much money a matchmaker charge from the people who are wealthy, and how easily they pay for Matchmaking service. The price of the matchmaker is quite high and mostly rich people can afford her matchmaking service.

Modern Hero

Series for entrepreneurs on amazon prime Modern Hero
Modern Hero
16N/ A

Modern Hero is one of the most influential series available on amazon prime video. This series is not that popular but if you are looking for entrepreneur series then this is a great option for you.

This series primarily gives a message about women empowerment, as the main characters of this series are women. Some of them are educators, some are businesswomen, and what they all have in common is that they want to change the world and want to influence others.

So, these were some best series related to the entrepreneurship on amazon prime, and I hope you got what you were looking for from this article.

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